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Are you FINatical about Sharks?

The clock’s ticking for vanishing shark and ray species. If you’re FINatical about sharks, make a splash with a fundraising challenge for shark protection.

What is the Finathon?
Finathon is a fundraising challenge for divers and non-divers to raise funds and awareness to protect vulnerable shark and ray species. A Finathon can be as simple as a few laps of your pool, a 5K run or donating your birthday in lieu of gifts!  Your Finathon helps Project AWARE:

  • Fight to stop shark finning
  • Insist on full protections for critically endangered sharks and rays
  • Negotiate stronger policies to ensure a brighter future for all sharks and rays

You can help Project AWARE:

In 2015 Project influenced:

  • The united push towards a stronger finning ban within the North Atlantic Fisheries Organization area
  • Important progress by the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission to safeguard manta & devil rays
  • A push to strengthen the shark finning ban, put caps on catches of blue and short fin mako sharks, and protect porbeagles in the Atlantic

Thank you for supporting the Finathon, propelling our work to implement necessary guidelines for shark and ray protection in 2016 and beyond. Create your fundraising page now and we'll be in touch every step of the way to ensure your action is a success!

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Oceane D $15.00
Camila Mata $10.00
Abdelkader Kherrat $100.00 Les petits ruisseaux font les grandes rivières.
Anonymous Donor $11.00
Jean-Francois Allard $20.00
Lijuan Wang $10.00
Mal Runkee $20.00 Good cause.....these causes should be continuous and never come to a "fin"ish!
Koanda Lamine $20.00
Sylvie Lafrenière $10.00
Steve Ricard $50.00 J'ai toujours préféré voir les requins AVEC leurs ailerons!
Alban Jaros $20.00 Bravo Didier!!! I am your assitant for that. Hope you will have a lots of donations for this good good cause. Good luck in your action
bouchra Serhir $20.00 Go for it!!! You're my role model!!
Anonymous Donor $10.00
Caitlyn Crivelli $10.00 Such an inspiration! Love ya work! xxx
Phil Fuller $100.00
holly simmonds $20.00
eoin mac sweeney $50.00
Anonymous Donor $10.00
Anonymous Donor $20.00
Anonymous Donor $12.50
Anonymous Donor $5.00
Anonymous Donor $12.50
Anonymous Donor $13.00
Steph Smells $17.38 haha
Lee O $20.00
P&B Davis $50.00 Great project!
The Conlons $50.00 Good luck Chris! From Neil Monica Joe and H.
Reid Clifford $20.00
Khalid Riad $24.10
Carla Hay $40.00
The Corrigans $50.00 Good going, Chis . What a great event for our finned friends :) Good Luck!
Martyn Fletcher $15.00 Great cause - good luck.
Luiz Carlos Nascimento $10.00 Acredito neste projeto e nos benefícios que podem trazer para a minha comunidade. Consciência Ambiental e Cidadania. Obrigado pelo seu comprometimento!
Thor Poulsen $25.00 little is better then nothing which is exactly what too many people are doing for this course! hope a lot of people join.
Cindy W $20.00 Ocean will be better day by day because of us.
James Chen $20.00 I love shark and Chuanchuan. thank you
Xiaoyu H $25.00 I do love animal.
Yan C $25.00 Love our unique ocean.
Susan and Paul Keber $100.00 Thank you, Chris! We hope the public will have a greater understanding of the importance of preserving our shark and marine life. Our planet's survival depends on a healthy and thriving marine and coral life.
Olympic Pool & Fitness Centre Ltd Nixon $50.00 'Well done' from The Olympic.
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Elliot Agius $100.00 Good on you Jay! x
Ellie Stringer $10.00 Good going Jay!! Fins naturally attached!!
Mel Killgour $5.00 Well done sugar tits ????
Trish Thorner $25.00 Passionate about the Ocean
Juri T $50.00 Good luck Jay, I would like to join in a year time!
Don D $10.00 Out of all the people ive ever met you made the best impression that first time with Mel hahah ;)
Lone florin poulsen $25.00
Viv Roberts $15.00 This kiwi girl is a star
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